Spaha LLC

We are in the tech industry. We make software aps, media and visuals fx.

My husband and I together designed an app to help service industries like the massage industry better manage both therapists and clients booking schedules.

Therapists and clients can rate each other and give comments. Client privacy is maintained, SOAP notes are taken and before accepting bookings the therapist can see how the client was rated in the past.

Developing the best aps took along time. We conceived of this before any of the competitors. We believe our app is better and holds the massage therapist needs first. Offering free booking services, scheduling and SOAP notes for those who do not wish to use the in app payment benefits. We paid several companies develop portions of the app but in the end we learned that we had to do the programming ourselves to make it right.

We both take our massage school education seriously because we wanted the app to be the best it can be. So many people can use it in the future to help keep our industry informed and safe.